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Babyactive is a polish family company with many years of tradition.

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Wrzosowa, 42-263

Babyactive is a family company with many years of tradition, focusing on modern design and visual solutions for our products. Our strollers have the highest safety standards, quality of workmanship, and innovative technological solutions ensuring full comfort of use in the most important period of growing up of your children.

Babyactive Mommy Glossy

Mommy – is a collection of deep walking prams created for parents who value comfort, a modern look and stylish finishes. Mommy will meet the expectations of even the most demanding parents. Both the gondola and the stroller have a multi-stage backrest adjustment that will ensure your child’s...

From €620.00

Babyactive Musse Rose

Musse is the latest collection of deep-walk prams designed for parents who value comfort, design and style with the latest fashion trends. Musse meets the needs of even the most demanding parents. The chassis' lightweight design allows the pram to be easily folded and unfolded in all...

From €610.00

Babyactive Musse Royal

Musse Royal is the latest collection from Babymactive. It is a pram for those who value its unique appearance, function and safety. Musse Royal buggies are available in different colour variations. Choose from 4 frame/chassis colours: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Nickel. Each pram is equipped...

From €650.00